Happy Holidays from Fluterscooter!

What is Fluterscooter?

About_ImageFluterscooter flute bags began in 2011 with one silver bag and a dream.  After realizing the need for a more stylish case cover for flutists, founder and flutist Andrea "Fluterscooter" Fisher started the fun and fashionable line, which is now worn by today's leading flutists such as Carol Wincenc, Jasmine Choi, Paula Robison, Flutronix, and many flute teachers, soloists, and orchestral players throughout the world.

Fluterscooter flute bags are fashionable yet practical, with an array of colors and styles. The signature purse straps give the bags a couture look, but the thick shearling lining and interior velcro straps secure and protect the flute.

Fluterscooter's philosophy is that there should be an equally beautiful case cover for the beautiful instrument inside. In 2013, Powell Flutes and Fluterscooter formed a partnership and introduced the Sonare Anniversary bag, which can be purchased directly through Powell Flutes.

Who is Fluterscooter?

Founder Andrea Fisher aka Fluterscooter is a flutist, producer, and entrepreneur. A graduate of The Juilliard School and a Powell Flutes artist, Fluterscooter has given lectures on Musical Entrepreneurship at NYU, Penn State, Juilliard, and various flute festivals and masterclasses.  As a performer, she was the first flutist to perform with hologram technology.