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Flutists are saying:

"When my former student and highly successful flutist and business woman, Fluterscooter, presented me with my magnificent silver flute bag upon my receiving the NFA Lifetime Achievement Award, I knew instantly that this was the most perfect present I could EVER receive!  My new Fluterscooter embossed bag is ideal: it is so roomy, so soft and pliable, so easy to use with my flute slipping in and out so easily...."

~Carol Wincenc


"We love the new Fluterscooter bags because they're fashionable, fresh and fun! We're known for fluting in style, and now we have a flute accessory for every mood and occasion!"



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In Depth: Powell Sonaré Limited Edition Bag

An in-depth demonstration from Powell Flutes on the Powell Sonaré 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Fluterscooter Bag. Available exclusively from Powell Flutes.

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